Covid-19 Message from Arista Management

COVID -19 disruption on IT industry

Over the past weeks and months, the COVID-19 pandemic has emerged as a significant and global challenge that is creating disruption across the world. We strongly believe that all global challenges need global solutions. We are engaged with our employees, clients, partners, public institutions, and community organizations to rise to the occasion. As the world conducts its business under lockdown, the question on everybody’s mind – beyond immediate health considerations – is about the economic fallout. Given the unpredictable nature of the virus’ onslaught, it is difficult to pronounce definite economic outcomes. But directionally, it is clear that organizations and individuals need to gear up for a period of uncertainty and a new normal ...

We were prepared

Arista believes in joint decisions and work remotely & independently. Right from Arista’s birth since 2014 our team members were privileged to work from home, remotely and attends office for major events like leadership meeting, key project decisions, workshops, seminars and training only.

Arista Business As Usual

Being able and confident in delivering services remotely, Arista was already ahead and prepared to deal this pandemic situation. Our most of the projects are running smooth, without any hindrances. Our employees working at development center in Hyderabad were also asked to work from home and within no time our employees made self sufficient to work remotely and handle all services without impacting any of our customers.

New Normal - Effortless and Seamless Transition for Arista

Arista Consulting is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our Customers, and Employees and playing a constructive role in supporting local health officials and government leaders. With enhanced process to deal with this situation we continue to focus on customer services & products. For Any questions and queries please do visit our contact us page.