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Enterprise Analytics Reimagined

EAXPRESS makes it easier for you to understand your financial and operational data and provide valuable information, which would help you make better business decisions for targeted growth. That’s what most of the companies struggle with is their data analytics. You can have the best enterprise applications in the world and run your processes, but if you cannot get the information out of that data, you have no way of making business decisions which help you grow.

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Business Challenges
Manual Reporting

Gathering of data from multiple sources and reporting using Excel or other spreadsheets is manual activity by many businesses. They spend hours or sometimes days to manage this task on a regular basis. Data becomes voluminous overtime and does not fit the spreadsheets, which leads to multiple files to manage.

Data Quality

Doing manual data gathering brings more doubts about data quality and accuracy. One wrong mathematical sign can mess up the whole information generated by data captured from various sources.

Complex Graphs with Minimal Insight

It is imperative for business organizations to gain important insights from Data analytics. Management can get better insight if the graphs are easy to understand and meaningful to make better business decisions. Static graphs or spreadsheets lead to more time spent to gather information.

Shortage of Skill for Information Gathering

Manual activities are always person dependent and tend to become obsolete. Business needs to make sure that knowledge is shared among various team members so it can be managed anytime.

Benefits of Analytics Solution

EAXPRESS is a data analysis solution for enterprise wide visibility of all information in one consolidated environment. It can be connected seamlessly to all applications. It is a leading data visualization tool that gives you powerful insights into all of your financial and Operational data to help make better business decisions for process improvement, savings, and growth. This all-in- one analytics solution can be integrated with 100+ enterprise solutions and provides out-of-the-box dashboards, prescriptive and predictive analytics. The reporting framework is user friendly and can be accustomed to every user requirement.

Analytics for Financial Reporting

EAXPRESS provides simple and user friendly insight for all financial reports from various sources to make best decisions for your business growth, future planning and managing budgets effectively.

Analytics for Operational Excellence

Data gathered from your operational systems, including ERP, provides detailed information about your business. It gives valuable insights for employees at any Level.

Analytics on the Go

Compatibility with mobile can come handy to get the information anytime, anywhere. Users can check the inventory levels, compare them with previous periods to make better decisions.

World Class Security

EAXPRESS built on our XPRESS platform which manages Role based access control, Active Directory Validation and SOX compliance.

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