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Digital transformation of Accounts Payable Process

Thinking of digital transformation of your business process! AP automation should be your first priority. Supplier Invoice management plays a major role in business continuity and growth.

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Business Challenges
Manual errors

Manual data entry is always prone to human error. It often results into additional efforts and cost to correct.

Paper work

Manual invoice management process leads to more paper work and delay in approval of invoices. Paper-based workflow requires review and approvals from department to department prior to an invoice getting fully approved for payment.

Missing invoices

Traceability poses a big challenge in a manual invoice processing environment. You often miss invoices that are submitted.

Lost Money

Intensive manual workloads require a larger AP team and significant delay in vendor payments. As a result, late payment fees become imminent.

Inaccurate cash flow

Delay in vendor payment and payment discrepencies results in in-accurate cash flow.

Elimination of Paper work

ARISTAXPRESS helps to automate the entire invoice management process, which eliminates the cumbersome process of paperwork. It digitizes the invoice document and allows greater tracebility of invoices, exceptions, approval workflow and payment tracking.

Revenue generation

It is said “Every Penny saved is Penny Earned”. With invoice tracking & event based notification, ARISTAXPRESS helps AP Team to process invoices ontime, identify and stop duplicate payments, avoid late payment fees, thereby drives better vendor relations.

Productivity Improvement

With the smart OCR technologies and comprehensive exception management engine, ARISTAXPRESS processes most of the invoices without AP team's involvement. Thus helps improve productivity of the AP team.

Real-Time Cash Flow

ARISTAXPRESS is integrated with your ERP or Payables system on a real time basis. That allows the AP team to view status on each and every invoice that are submitted.

Automate Invoice Receiving

The invoice receiving process in ARISTAXPRESS is automated through an AI enabled bot and an Intelligent Data Recognition tool. The invoice receiving engine can process invoices submitted via email or a file upload process.

Dynamic Approval Routing

ARISTAXPRESS allows to configure approval processes with complete flexibility, which helps in dynamic routing of invoice based on parameters and business rules defined for various types of invoices

Exception Management System

ARISTAXPRESS offers best in class exception management engine that offers both 3-way and 2-way invoice matching process. The AI based exception management engine captures user's actions and suggests auto correction of exceptions.


ARISTAXPRESS offers complete traceability of invoices. Every action the invoice goes through is captured. This allows for better audit tracking.

Pre-Built ERP Connectors

ARISTAXPRESS has pre-built connectors for various ERP systems. It's built on a strong API based architecture that makes integration extremely easy.

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