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In the age of digital transformation, more and more businesses

Are going through a change in their enterprise application landscape. With multiple applications being used, integration and customization the need of the hour to support and manage business processes effectively. Arista brings BOOMI, best in class integration tool to support any integration. We have certified resources who are ready to take on any challenge for your integration and customization.

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Our Integration and Customization
Boomi Integration

Every enterprise is going through a major transformation to take advantage of current technologies and latest product offerings from various vendors. Integration is required for all these applications to work seamlessly and provide expected outcome. BOOMI can easily and quickly unite all enterprise applications for better business outcomes.

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Q-Xtend Development

Q-Xtend is an application to application integration toolset. It can be used for streamlined data transfer between various applications within enterprise. Our expert team of developers can provide support to develop quick and best in class import and export interfaces between QAD application and external systems.

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Progress Development

Arista’s strong technical progress team is capable of performing all QAD Progress developmental activities including QAD EE non intrusive customization.

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QAD Reporting Framework

QRF is a very helpful tool to generate customer facing documents like, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Debit/Credit Memos. It can extract data from various sources including progress databases, browses or QAD Financial APIs. We help our clients in designing, customizing and implementing QRF solutions.

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Successfully plan and implement your ERP and digital transformation projects

Implementations are notorious for going wrong and being over budget. Unless you have a partner like Arista who is experienced in navigating and managing complex implementation projects from start to finsih.When you work with Arista, we guarantee you'll have

  • A project manager and team that listens and works with you
  • Training for your staff to help them become comfortable quickly
  • Know you made the right investment and that it is well protected

Whether you are looking to start a new technology transformation project or you need to fix an implementation that went side ways - you can count on the Arista team to correct the problem and deliver long-term business value. You will see a return on your technology investments without fail.

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