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Business Challenges
Isolated Data

When a business ERP is distributed among multiple databases, it's not uncommon to encounter "orphaned" data that doesn't fit into a particular data set.

Separation of Departmental Systems

Isolated departmental systems often lead to data redundancies. For a business to have efficient management of storage and processing systems, data redundancy is a symptom of bad architecture.

Complicated Interactions

One of the most substantial challenges businesses that deal with ERPs face is getting their chosen ERP solution to work with their other systems.

Scalability Issues

Some ERP solutions are designed for use with small businesses, but their use hobbles the company's development as the enterprise grows.


NetSuite hosts all client data on a single database, allowing you to perform analytics on the entire dataset.


NetSuite is a completely integrated system that incorporates e-commerce capability, a customer-facing CRM system, and back-office Accounting/ERP protocols.


NetSuite is a web-based, on-demand system meaning that companies will lower their total cost of ownership (TCO).


NetSuite understands that businesses are not static entities. They grow and expand, and because of that, their solutions are designed to do the same.


NetSuite offers access to data on the cloud, allowing users to change and view information remotely.

A Complete Supply Chain Solution

NetSuite offers businesses visibility across their entire supply chain and elevates business's record-keeping to a higher level.

Streamlined Order and Quote Processing

By removing the human element, NetSuite allows for faster processing of quotes and cash orders.

Centralized Customer Information Hub

The inclusion of a centralized database means that all records on new and existing customers are available in a single location.

Completely Modular

NetSuite is as large or as compact as you want it, thanks to its modular design. Companies can choose to include or remove modules as they see fit, only paying for the licenses that they need.

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