ARISTAXPRESS 2.0 Makes AP Automation a Breeze

Accounts payable automation is a complex field, but a business can easily keep its records up-to-date with the right software. Arista has been collecting feedback from clients, and we’re proud to announce the newest version of our flagship ARISTAXPRESS software. We’ve pinpointed the most critical needs of our business partners and created this new version with those features in mind. Are you ready to experience the latest iteration of the best accounts payable automation software available to small and medium enterprises?

Embracing Change with New Functionality

As the world of AP automation evolves, so too does good software. Among the new areas we’ve focused on in this release are:

  • Intelligent Filter Options: Filter invoices or data to fit your needs.
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) through email: According to ZDNET, 2FA can block up to 99.9% of automated attacks, improving business security significantly.
  • A New Dashboard: The newest iteration of the ARISTAXPRESS dashboard boasts several improvements, both in aesthetics and functionality. Some of the improvements we’ve made include:
    • Role-based widgets: Depending on the defined role of the person looking at the dashboard, widgets adjust to the information pertinent to them.
    • Smart widgets: Adaptability comes from learning, and these intelligent widgets can evolve as time goes by to offer the most current information to viewers.
    • Multiple view options: There’s no single layout that suits every user, and we know this. That’s why we streamlined the new dashboard to offer multiple options to view the company’s invoice data.
    • Analytics dashboard (Admin Only): Knowing real-time data about the business can aid in making appropriate and impactful decisions. A built-in analytics dashboard for admins can give feedback on the system quickly and accurately.
  • Themes for personalization: ARISTAXPRESS now offers themes for its dashboard and interactive screens, making it easier on the eyes and more enticing to use. Make your ARISTAXPRESS unique.
  • Redesigned user interface: We’ve revamped the UI design to make it more user-friendly with a focus on accessibility. We’ve created a dynamic UI that offers you options to get things done more efficiently.

Invoice Improvements in The Latest Version

In addition to the cosmetic and administrative upgrades that the new version of ARISTAXPRESS offers, we’ve also improved several operations in the back end to make life easier. Among the enhancements we’ve built for the invoice handling system include:

  • Improved invoice traceability: Invoice-related information is now held as static data, making it easier to track where an invoice has come from and where it went. There’s also an additional layer of transparency in the History function. This function ensures that businesses can follow a chronology of the invoice from the minute it was received to when it was signed off. Handy hyperlinks allow anyone to quickly follow up on each stage of the invoice’s progress.
  • Enhanced Invoice Entry and View Screen: We’ve realized that data entry is still the most tedious part of accounts payable. This latest iteration of ARISTAXPRESS seeks to make that issue less of a burden. The new invoice entry interface demonstrates a tabbed layout, making for much easier interaction with the system. There’s no longer a need to scroll down the page to enter information. We’ve also bumped up the space you have for viewing additional Charge Entries, saving you time and effort. A handy “Notes” tab is always present in the new user interface so that you can keep notes as you work without needing a third-party solution or a physical sticky-notes pad. The attachment tab allows for previewing, downloading, and deleting attachments, keeping file management simple, yet effective.

Getting to Grips With the New System

Much of the functionality we offer in this new version of ARISTAXPRESS is simply extended from the previous version. The UI has been upgraded to provide a sleeker, more modern look and feel. Our improvements in the areas of invoice traceability and data entry make the system more user-friendly and approachable. If you’ve been using ARISTAXPRESS, the new interface will be a breath of fresh air. If you’re new to the system you’ll be surprised at how responsive and reliable the new upgrades have made the software.

Is It Worth to Implement ARISTAXPRESS 2.0?

Functionality and usability are two of the most important factors that affect business software. No employee likes using software that’s clunky or has a bad UI. While the older version of ARISTAXPRESS wasn’t broken, it did have some flaws that we spotted and addressed in this newest version, thanks to client feedback. Both the old and new versions offer the same benefits, such as more efficient invoice processing and traceability of documents across the system. However, the more recent version provides many more quality-of-life improvements, making it a much more approachable software for the user. If you’d like to explore the benefits that this new version of ARISTAXPRESS can bring to your enterprise, contact Arista Consulting today to find out more!

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