How Managed IT Services Can Boost Your Business Growth

As businesses grow, the demands of their IT department usually grow alongside them. From security to automation, businesses rely on an efficient IT infrastructure. While smaller companies can get away with having a small in-house IT department, as the business grows, it becomes less profitable to operate this way. Growth is unpredictable, and relying on an in-house IT department means allocating funds without having an estimate of what’s needed. Efficiency dictates that businesses who want to focus on growth need to find a better solution.

Introducing Managed IT Services

How does a business adapt its IT department to deal with potential growth? Managed IT services are the way many modern companies address the problem. Deloitte notes that there are three scenarios where businesses would need managed services:

  • When the risk to the enterprise is high
  • When the business needs expertise quickly
  • When competitive differentiation is minimal

In business, time is money. Investment in the IT department is essential, but when the company’s growth is snowballing, that investment can’t keep up with the company’s expansion. In such a case, managed IT services are the best recourse.

How Managed IT Helps

Managed IT isn’t a replacement for an IT department but rather a support service. The company stands to benefit significantly from investing in managed IT. Among the positive impacts managed IT can have on business include:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Most managed IT solutions operate with a fixed cost per month packages or pay-as-you-use packages. Both of these have specific benefits and appeal to different companies. Businesses that aren’t aware of how much they may need to depend on managed IT services may opt for the flexible option. Those that prefer having an average cost may prefer the flat-rate plans.
  • Security: Managed IT services are more efficient at rolling out security updates across a large volume of users than an in-house IT department. These companies invest a lot of time remaining at the cutting edge of IT security and apply their expertise to the businesses that need it the most.
  • Increased Efficiency of Business Resource Use: Businesses need to invest time and money into creating an IT department that suits the needs of the enterprise. Managed IT removes this concern from management and offers a one-stop-shop for all a company’s IT needs.
  • Scalability: Massive growth comes with the problem of business bloat — departments start to explode in size and become less efficient because of it. Managed IT means that your IT department has a single liaison, and that office doesn’t change. However, as the business grows, they can increase or decrease the amount they spend on managed IT to meet the business’s needs.

Managed IT offers a solution that businesses concerned about their spending can invest in confidently. Business growth usually comes with the caveat of internal business spending, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For companies that prefer to work smarter, not harder, IT managed services can act as scalable extensions to the enterprise’s existing IT department.

Don’t Let Unpredictable Factors Limit Your Growth

As all business owners know, many factors influence the growth of a company. Some of these elements are controllable, while others are unpredictable. Ensuring that the company has the best chance to reach its potential means limiting those variable elements.

By investing in managed IT solutions, an enterprise can scale successfully without needing to worry about the cost or the scalability of their IT solutions. If you’re ready to experience managed IT services that can help you deal with these issues, contact Arista Consulting today. Let’s help you grow your business with a methodology that keeps your efficiency high and your costs manageable.

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